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Strategies for Effective Communication


Our communication tends to suffer the most when we are emotionally charged and clarity is most important. In these moments, we often speak in long jumbled paragraphs as we struggle to understand what we are feeling and attempting to convey. This article conceptualizes effective communication and details 7 useful tools to strengthen this fundamental component of all relationships.

"Unhealthy verbal communication often starts not with words but with negative thoughts or difficult emotions. If you are in a long-term romantic relationship, you have spent so much time with our partner that you feel you know them inside-out. You anticipate how they react in certain situations. You have painted a picture of who they are and you may fail to re-discover them. This often has a negative impact on how we communicate in a romantic relationship. Because relationships are all about cultivating the differences and remaining curious who the other person really is and how they see the world."

Yakov Barton, PhD