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Positive Psychology Course at Columbia University


Generous feedback on RateMyProfessor from the graduate students of my Positive Psychology course at Columbia University this past year: 

"Professor Barton inspired me to create a daily habit of mindfulness and consider positive psychology as an important facet in a broad range of modalities and treatments. Yakov explained concepts very well. He created a class space that was structured while at the same time encouraging for students to freely express thoughts without judgement."
"Yakov is an amazing resource within the positive psychology field. His positive psychology class is uniquely positioned to showcase his extensive experience with the best mindfulness training techniques that combine leading psychology research with age-old meditation knowledge."
"Positive Psychology was a class for which I had very high expectations, and Dr. Barton matched them all. I am so grateful to have learned so much about PosPsy, and the readings were almost universally great. His lectures are clear and he is very supportive inout of class."
"I took Professor Barton's Positive Psychology class at Columbia University. Uses a fascinating approach to teaching positive psychology material, including experiential meditationrelaxation exercises, lectures, group activities, films, and a class debate on the current state of the field. Learned a ton, highly recommended!"
Yakov Barton, PhD